WTF is WeedMart?
We've been cooking this up in a basement lab for a while. Stress tested, taste tested and beta tested. We are finally ready to let everyone else get a taste of freedom.


Redefining Cannabis Commerce

A cultivator, a dispensary owner, a digital marketer & a payment processor walk into a consumption lounge…

And build the most bad arse sales platform for canna businesses ever.

The story is still being written but check out what we built.

Our Story

Planting Our Roots

Developed over the height of the pandemic and Launched in 2023. WeedMart has quickly begun to make a name for it’s self as the most affordable & powerful dispensary management solution in the industry.

Not Your Normal Tech Co.

We knew there was a problem. We made it our goal to fix it. 

Up until now, cannabis companies were forced to work with 1900’s technology. Mostly cash, no legal ecommerce option, crappy merchant options and massive abuse from the big Maps, Leaf & Dutch  companies that forced you into a mico-transaction based pay to play model to be listed on their market place.  

Now dispensary owners can compliantly run an e-com business, accept mobile wallet, debit, & credit card payments both online and in store, and operate like a real business using tech that finally supports their cannabis business. 

Yielding Results

We are Veteran owned & operated. Additionally, WeedMart has not taken on any investment capital and remains true to form to be a platform built by stoners for stoners keeping Large corporations and Venture Capitalists out of it’s operations. 

The Story Behind WeedMart...

A Short time ago in a dispensary kinda far, far away...

Episode 420
A New Hope For Processing

The Cannabis “Tax” on tech seemed to be a little outrageous to say the least.  With a lot of companies scared to touch the space, most cannabis businesses were forced to choose from a number of very similar tech and operational options available while still being told that they needed to pay for marketing on 3rd party menu platforms. This doesn’t even include the must have tracking and reporting software that still glitches out regularly. 

While little issues by themselves, when you combine them they lead to a compounding mess of reporting issues, tracking issues, inventory issues that make cannabis such a confusing and costly space to operate in. 

Finding a Solution that works.

After a year of compiling data from different dispensaries and other cannabis businesses, we realized that most owners have no real way to track if the platforms they are advertising on are even generating any real sales. 

The current menu platforms offer their own reporting based on their own metrics, which often don’t add up to the number of in store sales. 

We have even found that a number of dispensaries were actually sending more traffic to the menu sites (that often don’t even allow you to link back to your own site). While these seemed like a great option in the beginning, the inconsistent data reporting was more than just eye opening…. it was scary. 

Combining inventory tracking, traffic data and a sales platform in one (just like every other online store) was the smartest way to help cannabis dispensary owners.

Data is powerful.

Being able to see and track your sales data allows you to make informed decisions based on real numbers instead of shiny object numbers like “impressions,” which don’t always add up to real conversions or sales.  

As the market grows the need for a smarter tech option has become more and more obvious. This platform was literally developed by people who work in the cannabis industry with a solutions first mindset and NOT a large company with a profits first mindset. 

Not Another “Loophole”

There is a lot of information our there that has become outdated.  We operate at the speed of technology and keep our systems updated to match the ever expanding needs of our clients. 

Unlike other payment options that quickly trended up and then disappeared even faster, our solution works and will continue to work because it was built with compliance as the main consideration. 

This is what happens when you combine cannabis professionals, with skilled digital marketers and ethical payment processors. We all wanted to do it right while empowering cannabis business owners. 


Discover how WeedMart's digital payment solutions can add value to your dispensary.


Discover how WeedMart's digital payment solutions can add value to your dispensary.

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WeedMart is an all-in-one technology platform providing the cannabis industry with affordable Point of Sale, Ecommerce, & Payment processing helping cannabis businesses start, operate, and grow with confidence.


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