Simple, secure, and cashlesspayment processing for dispensaries.

Our cannabis payment processing solutions seamlessly integrate with WeedMart POS and WeedMart Ecommerce to create hyper-efficient workflows, eliminate redundancies, and reduce errors.

Our Payment Processing

Accept debit card
payments online & in-store

You can now offer a more compliant, secure, and cash-free payment option with our online & in-store credit / debit solution for dispensaries.

Integrated with WeedMart

Minimize the risk of human error & speed up the checkout process with a terminal that integrates directly with our WeedMart Commerce Solution

No rounding

Unlike cashless ATM, or PIN debit which doesn’t always work, our transactions are for exact dollar amounts, and provides 100% card acceptance rates.

Maximize revenue

With the ability to accept Credit Debit & Mobile Wallets, Watch your sales grow—customers who use cashless payments typically spend up to 20% more per order than those who don’t 

Add Convenience

Offer your customers a familiar checkout experience with a simple debit card insert and PIN entry.


Reduce the risks associated with cash management.

Improve security

Handling large sums of cash is risky business. WeedMart’s Payment processing protects your store by letting you accept payments digitally.

Increase accuracy

Improve efficiency and eliminate redundant data entry with accurate tracking and reporting of payments—all in one place.

Reduce overhead

Cut the costs and hassle of counting, managing, and storing your cash on-site with seamless cannabis payment processing.


Point of Sale

Say goodbye to manual data entry. WeedMart Pay integrates with WeedMart POS & WeedMart Commerce to keep transactions flowing seamlessly.



Discover how WeedMart's digital payment solutions can add value to your dispensary.

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