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WeedMart allows for multiple options.
Our platform allows you to not only accept credit card payments, but also offer flexible shopping options with in your store and beyond.

So... Who can use this?

WeedMart is built for businesses that most payment processors frown upon.  

How WeedMart Credit Card Payments Work.

Block Chain Credit Card Payments

While CBD, D8, hemp derived products and even kratom companies have been able to accept card payments, the marijuana industry has been crapped on by card merchants.  We found a way to accept card payments through crypto that allows the payments since you are purchasing a digital token and not “weed.”

420 Payment Solutions Built into a Website that works for you.

Your Menu. Your Store.

Imagine running your canna business like every other store on the street.  When you can put your menu on your website and actually accept payments on your own website you can literally cut out 4 or 5 figures a month in “advertising” costs from maps listings, directories and glorified sales platforms that make you pay for space to list your menu. 

Not only can you accept credit cards online and in store, but you now have access to multiple fully customizable website templates built on WordPress. This allows you (or your web designer) to update your site to the way you want it on the front end, and manage your inventory and sales on the back end.

Update your products, categories, events, job openings and even add a little spice with product reviews and testimonials.  With everything in one platform, you will see your websites rank for searches increase while you get to build your brand and grow your business.


Cut Down on Cash Payments, Manage your inventory better and operate like it's 2023 and not 1980.

Studies prove that customers spend more in a store when they don’t have to physically count out every dollar they have to spend. 

Once you are approved, you can start accepting payment both int store and online (for pickup or delivery).

The possibilities really just depend on your local laws and just how creative you get.

Hooray for cool QR codes placed in random places. Imagine a billboard or sign right near your local outdoor eating area, shopping mall, popular hangout… 

We are sure that there are a few areas in your city that you would love to delivery weed to (local laws apply).  

This actually happened while we tested this...

Imagine parking a food truck full of high grade cannabis products in front of a 3 day jam band concert with a huge QR code that just said “scan me.”

Yes this really happened. No, we didn’t record it. 

*Please check your local laws about delivery before you try this.  Each state is different.

Maine just happened to allow some unnamed founding members to pull this off since they had a dispensary license and a delivery license. 

Perfect for Consumption Lounges.

Consumption lounges are pretty amazing and unique experiences.  Why not put your menu on a tablet so your patrons can view, order and sample whatever they want. 

Forgot to bring your own?  Scroll, order and have it delivered to your table. 

Order. Pay. Pick Up.

It is that simple. 

We do make sure that each new customer to your store also uploads their ID and medical card (if medical applies) so that your business secure. 

This blocks kids, scammers, and fraudulent transactions from happening. 

Make sure you have your ID when you pick up. 

Can be Screen Cast from your computer or phone onto multiple screens or monitors.

We know how often your menu inventory can fluctuate. 

We also know what a massive pain it is to pay for multiple 3rd party store fronts that you have to login to and update… but still NOT get paid from. 

Keep your inventory in one place, and your store will keep track of how much you have in stock so your customers in your shop can see what’s available. 

Advertising that actually drives website traffic to your store.

Say bye to the days of sending your visitors off of your site to view your menu. 

Say bye to paying for large online marketplaces that force you to pay to keep your competitors from advertising on your listing. 

Say hello to building customer loyalty and trust. 

Want to reach more customers?

Mall employees and shoppers probably would love to buy from you. 

You might even be able to place a mobile kiosk in the area and just run deliveries back and forth all day, 

Let’s just call it “dank dash.”

Welcome to WeedMart.

Desktop, tablet or mobile devices work. For the longest time, dispensary owners have been sold the idea that it was impossible to accept credit card payments. 

It was a pain to figure out, but well worth the effort. 

Say bye to the frustration of your pin debit machine failing 40% of the time. 

Nuff Said.

Put your menu outside your shop so your customers can see what you have in stock. 

Streamline the shopping experience, increase customer happiness.

What are you waiting for? 


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WeedMart is an all-in-one technology platform providing the cannabis industry with affordable Point of Sale, Ecommerce, & Payment processing helping cannabis businesses start, operate, & grow with confidence.

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